Leave Music is an Italian company founded in 2007 that deals with record production, artistic management and organization of cultural events related to music. One of the first successes is the discovery and the affirmation of the Italian singer-songwriter Mannarino.

From a discographic and managerial point of view over the years, its roster has become a solid musical reality that pays great attention to the quality of the musicians produced and stands out as one of the most dynamic and interesting realities on the Italian scene, but with an international look.

The new recording projects of Leave Music are international and include Yuman and EnnieLoud, artists who can boast important collaboration with sound engineer Chris Lord Alge and producer Yoad Nevo.

Leave develops his business of organization of major musical events in Italy and abroad, producing tours in major clubs in Britain, France, Belgium, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Tunisia, Algeria and USA.

Since 2014, it has been organizing Indiegeno Fest, a traveling music festival that takes place in Sicily, in the Gulf of Patti, which involves archaeological and natural locations such as the Marinello Nature Reserve and the Greek Theater of Tindari where artists of the caliber of Carmen Consoli, Daniele Silvestri, Afterhours, Brunori Sas, Niccolò Fabi, Cosmo and Gemitaiz performed.

In September 2017, Leave Music has been artistic consultant for the special events of the Teatro Parioli, aimed at repositioning the brand of the historic roman theater. Shows produced by Leave Music saw, among others: Hindi Zahra, Nouvelle Vague and Musica Nuda.

In 2018 it produced (in collaboration with Rai Cinema) Tosca’s documentary Il suono della voce. The work, which will be released in 2019, was shot in Tunisia, Algeria, Brazil, France, Portugal and Italy, with the participation of several international artists, including: Marisa Monte, Luisa Sobral, Ivan Lins and Cyrille Aimée.

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